Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Go Mum! Fighting for Nepali human rights.

My mums just been arrested in Nepal. She was with first foreigners to be arrested under the contravention of curfew and illegally demonstrating

Someone had set up a group to support the rights of Nepali people to be allowed to demonstrate peacefully. It appears that particular h
uman right takes second place to the new local curfew.

All quite mad, just MSNing her now and she said "we were held for four hours, a group of 4 germans, three brits, one israeli and one russian- quite a party. No ill treatment. The police didn't have any idea what to do with us and had to design a new form to cope."

"Yeh, human rights here is a figment of someone's imagination. So we've made our stand, and as a group we all gelled, and all admitted that we had intentionally acted because of our concerns, and it was all quite civilised. I think the police were scared shitless of having a group of foreigners. They apologised that someone had insisted they do they're job, which was correct, but they would be very concerned at the adverse publicity"

Article from eKantipur.com


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