Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year - New Knee

I've been out of hospital now for a couple of days, just had my
anterior cruciate ligament reconstructed out of my patellar tendon. It is incredibly painful, what a joy, but what better month to be looked after in bed then January. I've just had a delivery of a tincture of Yarrow, Comfrey, Horsetail and Siberian Ginseng - plus some Arnica cream for an extra herbal healing boost.

Looks like I've got a new full time job for February as a Multimedia Developer, so in the meantime it gives me a chance to get on with the wedding e-invites and website.

So apart from the obvious downside of post-op, I'm otherwise well looking forward to the new year. Go check out my Flickr for some New Years photos!

Me mixing in with the Knob Jockeys.

Me and the boy Beema.


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