Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The F*tping end

So it's all working now - turns out it was the Samba configuration was all wrong for CentOS.

Here's an article on setting up Active Directory for CentOS

More vsftp...

Further to that post, it turns out that vsftpd was never working it was OpenSSH that was running the sftp server. Getting vsftpd to work with the configuration we need on our server is more difficult than I initially imagined.

It turns out the issue is with the PAM/Samba configuration. The ghost image that this machine was built off of only has a /etc/pam_samba.conf file and no pam.conf file. So I'm continuing investigations into what has to be done to the Samba installation to get vsftpd to use Samba to get network authentication.


HA – and now I’m getting a 530 on my own account… Grr..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

VSFTPD working on Redhat

So I've just spent a day messing around with the configuration files and users permissions trying to get vsftpd working on a RedHat install of Linux. There were lots of really helpful sites out there but not one of them mentioned the fact it's SFTP access only by default now. So if you're stumped by that 530 Login incorrect error, when you just *know* it's right, then this might be it.

It really does make sense but given the 20 or so sites I've been through today not one of them mentioned it. Hense the blog. In hind site it's quite obvious though really! :)

vsftpd Man page
Another good step by step guide